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Waxing Political - by Randy Inman

Right Wing writer dropping pearls of wisdom all over the internet.

Bob Costas Gun Control Rant

December 5th 2012 23:43
The Bob Costas rant about gun control was tasteless because he politicized the murder suicide involving Javon Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs. True Bob Costas works for NBC which makes no effort to hide their liberalism but it was out of place during a NFL game.

I had already been boycotting NBC for political reasons except for their sports because it was NOT political. Now I will no longer watch any NBC programming or visit a very popular NFL website that they are affiliated with. That will sting me a bit as I went to school with one of the writers employed by that site.

But if NBC is going to push their liberal agenda into sports then I am done completely with anything affiliated with that company. If somebody from Fox Sports went on a political rant then you would think the world had ended from all the bad publicity they would get.


Some people are calling for stricter gun control measures in the wake of the tragic shooting in Aurora Colorado. That was expected as a knee jerk reaction and as typical anti gun people trying to cash in on tragedy. I should disclose that I am pro gun and am a former licensed gun dealer.

I started a discussion on gun control on Facebook recently and got some interesting comments. ‘Jeff B” formerly was for gun control but has changed his mind because it punished the law abiding while criminals will always have guns. “Jeff B” has never owned or fired a gun but he sees that people should have the right to own them.

That has been the pro gun point all along. Criminals by their very definition break laws so would be armed. Private Citizens deserve the right to protect themselves and armed citizens do deter crime.

Joshua Huffman talked about friends who said if everyone in the crowd was armed then the shootings wouldn’t have happened. His opinion was that could lead to chaos with everyone shooting at everyone else holding a gun. That is a very valid point and hard to defend against. Still I would rather be armed in the situation than be a sitting duck if a mass shooter came into a crowd I was in.

Amy Brantley says her opinion on gun control was not changed by the Aurora shootings. She contends that criminals will always have guns and there are not enough police officers to handle the crime that would ensue in an unarmed America.

I agree with that and would like to point out that Police seldom get to a scene in time to prevent somebody from being shot. Police are more to deter crime and to get justice for victims rather than stopping crime in progress.

Mike Blaylock pointed out that the shooter bought his guns and equipment legally and wonders if we need more gun control measures. Of course there will be guns bought legally and used in crimes. But I feel that most legal gun buyers use the guns for hunting, target practice and home defense.

Gwen Navarrete was against guns when she lived on the East Coast due to accidents with them. Now she lives out West and is more pro gun than she used to be. She thinks gun owners should show they can handle guns safely.

I have no problem with every gun buyer being required to take a gun safety course. I also have no problem with waiting periods to buy a gun. I also advocate gun safety training in schools. I believe this would reduce accidents involving kids not familiar with guns who visit a home that has guns.

It was also pointed out in the discussion that the shooter had acquired 6,000 rounds of ammunition. I would not be opposed to restrictions on hoarding ammo but it would be hard to do. You can have it shipped to your home and not even sign for it. You can also pay cash and buy ammo at stores or gun shows. My own opinion of course is that we do not need stricter gun control measures because of the shooting in Colorado. I feel these shootings are fairly rare and will happen anyway if a person wants to do that.

Democrats won’t like living under Progressive rule for much longer. I know you may think Progressives and Democrats are the same thing. I don’t think so, or at least not yet. The Progressives are the hard line communist part of the Democrat Party and I believe a minority.

Of course the Republicans (I am not one of those either) have yelled about “Commies” for so long that they have desensitized the country about what the Progressives or Communists really want.

I think real Democrats will not like Progressive rule because it perverts and distorts what they believe in. Democrats want to help poor people, well under the Progressives everyone will be poor and there will be no money to give to anyone.

Well the elite in Government and selected business’s will prosper while we suffer. And you may say that is not different from Capitalism but it really is. At least under Capitalism if you work hard and maybe catch a break you can really make a good life for yourself and your kids.

Democrats tend to like to take it easy on criminals; well a Communist prison is no fun place to be. Of course they will be full of political prisoners and there won’t be much to steal anyway because we will all be destitute.

Democrats like to help the environment but Communist Governments strip the land of everything they can use and damn the consequences. Do you really think they won’t drill for oil anywhere they can find it?

American Democrats will not much like the old people who are pushed aside to die because they are not productive anymore. There just won’t be enough money to provide healthcare for them.

Real Democrats who support the rights of others won’t like people being thrown in prison for voicing their opinion. Ok well yeah Democrats may like that now that I think about it. But by the time they come around to the fact that they screwed up letting the Progressives take their party, it will be them getting put in prison for protesting it.


Can Obama be defeated?

January 23rd 2012 22:59
I am not sure President Obama can be defeated in 2012 due to the lack of a good candidate to oppose him. Sure many people who vote against him just to try to get him out of office and I will do the same.

But many voters will think it is hopeless and stay at home. Palin would have been a joke but at least she had a major following. The liberals like Romney because he is one of their own and they know he will continue the liberal spending of Bush and Obama

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War pending with Iran?

January 12th 2012 02:57
Is war pending with Iran or is it just a flexing of muscles? I have been worried about Iran for years and wrote about their military in 2007, you can read that here. With Iran doing every possible to get nuclear weapons and threatening the United States, war is almost inevitable.

A friend of mine who is heavily into politics told me the other day that President Obama would go to war with Iran by September. My buddy says Obama will do it so he won’t lose the election as Americans would not want to switch President’s in the middle of a war. I am not that cynical as the damage a war with Iran will do to our economy will hurt President Obama more than anything

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The Republicans can’t seem to find a strong opponent for President Obama. Of course this always happens that somebody will look good then get picked apart. I am glad that I am not a member of any party since they all suck these days. I tend to think anyone can beat President Obama but you never know. I just wish the Republicans had one strong candidate and not a bunch of mediocre ones.

Ron Paul is a whack job who wants to practice Isolationism that is impractical in this day and time. Ron Paul would have us show weakness to our Islamic Terrorist enemies and encourage them to do more attacks here on American soil

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Steve Schoonover for President!

August 1st 2011 22:51
Steve Schoonover for President is the cry that I have been hearing in the Catawba County area of North Carolina. Never heard of Steve Schoonover? Well you will as he is among the young Republicans preparing to seize the world of politics one day.

Steve Schoonover is tired of being ignored by Big Government and friends and supporters of him are wishing he would run for public office. Will Steve Schoonover be the next President of the United States? Probably not but that could be his future down the road a few years

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Bin Laden Death Photos

May 9th 2011 17:19
The release of the Osama Bin Laden death photos are becoming a source of controversy. Since President Obama doesn’t want to release the photos, the Right is objecting. Of course if Obama HAD released the photos then the Right would have said it would enflame the Muslims.

I fully support President Obama not releasing the death photos of Bin Laden. I DO feel it would it would cause more bloodshed. I also support the President for using SEAL Team Six and taking Osama out. For more info on SEAL Team Six you can read here
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Left wing terrorist

July 26th 2010 19:09
I wonder why if a domestic terrorist has right wing ties it gets all the news coverage in America. Then when left wing terrorists do something then it is barely mentioned. And sometimes the left wing domestic terror acts get blamed on right wingers. Well I don’t really wonder why, I know why. The media is mostly left wing and will report on what helps their cause.

Recently in a writer’s forum we were discussing animals and groups such as PETA which do more harm than good. Such as PETA killing the vast majority of pets they get their hands on

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Dem Bob Etheridge attacks student

June 14th 2010 23:05
Democratic Representative Bob Etheridge of North Carolina recently assaulted a student. Apparently two college students approached Etheridge and questioned him about supporting the Obama Agenda. He then pushed the camera and grabbed the wrist of one of his questioners. When that didn’t chill Etheridge’s temper he grabbed the neck of one of the boys. See the video here.

We all make mistakes and have temper issues, but most of us can check ourselves short of assaulting people. Bob Etheridge did apologize for his assault but that isn’t going to do it. I believe he should be charged for assault and made to answer for his actions before a court of law

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