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Waxing Political - by Randy Inman

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Hutaree Militia causes everyone problems

March 29th 2010 15:48
Militias in the United States will get a bum rap now that members of the Hutaree militia have been arrested. Apparently members of the Hutaree militia planned to wage war against the United States Government. I know this will now bring down more scorn on militias in the United States that are obeying all laws and have no anti government agenda.

I am not in a militia nor do I know anyone who is, that I am aware of anyway. But I support the right for people to get together for military style training if it is indeed for learning self defense and to help defend our nation in the event of attack. After all the 2nd amendment of the Constitution addresses this, and is the basis for our argument against disarming the American people.

But of course some nut jobs get busted and if these people were really going to target law enforcement then I hope they stay in prison forever, now right wingers will be attacked. Of course all domestic terrorism is supposed to be right wing. Like when anti Jewish nut jobs get in trouble that is labeled right wing, even though anti Semitism is actually very left wing.

The fact that the Hutaree militia is a supposedly Christian Militia, will guarantee more media attacks against the Christians in America. We can’t condemn all of Islam for terrorist attacks so right wingers and Christians shouldn’t be condemned for what the Hutaree militia was allegedly planning. But of course it doesn’t work that way. There will be more calls to disarm the American people now.

Anybody who IS a right winger with plans of violence against the United States Government is just crazy. Violence is not the answer, it will get you killed or jailed and cost average Americans to lose more of our rights. We will eventually lose the right to bear arms over idiots like these.

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Comment by S.L.

March 29th 2010 16:28
Randy, I don't know (and neither does the government, yet) whether those folks were planning an attack or preparing against one. Apparently they had some weapons... can't recall ever hearing that the 2nd Amendment listed the number of guns one may have...

The most disturbing thing for me is that they arrested American citizens for a crime that hasn't yet been committed while allowing Al Qieda training camps to exist, unfettered, in several of our states.

Comment by Randy Inman

March 29th 2010 16:47
You make a good point, I think there is such a camp in Virginia to name just one state.

Comment by S.L.

March 29th 2010 19:31
There's also a Muslim school somewhere near DC that is very careful to teach the "religion of peace" including Jihad. One of their graduates was involved in an assassination plot and others have headed for the war zone to help with the killing of Americans. Their request for more funding and more land was approved by the government!

Comment by Mike Pouraryan

March 30th 2010 03:57
They are a bunch of crazies...but the fact is that they are a symptom of the problem that yes, the DHS report, did point out. This should be condemend...just calling such people "Crazy" does not cut it. We are a country of laws....and this should be condemened....
As for this thing about Militas, there are many others ways. For instance, in California, there is the Californai State Milita that folks can join and serve at the same time.

Comment by Lester Caudill

March 30th 2010 13:45
I agree with S.L. they have not been convicted yet, but can't you see the loonies on the left foaming at the mouth to lash out at the republicans.

Violence is never the answer, but basic rights to own guns, and to join none violent groups will now be a target of the left, even more than before. This maybe the next agenda for the president and the liberal loons in Congress.

Comment by RubySoho

April 1st 2010 06:52
it's not terrorism when americans do it.

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