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Waxing Political - by Randy Inman

Right Wing writer dropping pearls of wisdom all over the internet.

Israel attacks flotilla.

June 1st 2010 13:06
Israel was damned if they do and damned if they don’t when it came to the flotilla they raided. They could let the stuff be taken in and encourage others to try to break the blockade of Gaza or stop it.

The fact that Israel offered to take the relief materials into Gaza themselves after inspecting them, and it was refused shows much. The people in the Flotilla were either bringing in weapons or just trying to draw an Israeli attack so the world would condemn them, which did occur.

Turkey has withdrawn their ambassador to Israel and canceled a joint military exercise in protest of the raid. When Israeli commandos tried to land on the ships they were attacked and some were disarmed and had their weapons turned on them.

I am very pro Israel but have to question them attacking the flotilla now. With Iran clearly gearing up to nuke Israel, they need all the friends in the world they can find. Pissing off more people over the Gaza relief flotilla just makes no sense to me at this time.

Watch for the hatred of Jews by the American Left to really gear up now. I think within five years Israel will be in a massive war for their very existence. Many liberals in America would love nothing more than for us to sit that one and let Israel be overwhelmed.

Just keep and eye on the Anti Jew frenzy that our press will embark on now.
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18 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by S.L.

June 1st 2010 13:20
Israel has every right to defend itself, Randy. I'm glad they haven't backed down to the pressure that B.O. (B.S.) and others are pouring on. You're right about renewed criticism being on the way from the left.

If they hadn't attempted to check the cargo, they could have wound up with anything being offloaded, especially weapons.

As long as Israel is willing and able to stand against their enemies, we should surely stand with them!

Comment by ShaunK

June 2nd 2010 13:55
Hi Randy,

Indeed there seems to be a lot going on that hasn't been acknowledged in this whole mess that's boiled over.

There is a clip on You Tube floating around somewhere, where the Israeli special forces attempt to give their side of the story, but it hasn't received much attention apparently.

Once again - this is yet another event that will prove problematic for Israel and the media certainly arn't any help for them.

Let's hope this doesn't get worse. Fingers crossed anyway.

Comment by sam sall

June 2nd 2010 15:35
Israel keeps on giving the Jewish population bad reputation.'s not enough for israel to make all the region suffering but also to to make the Jewish nation live in isolation from the rest of the world

Comment by S.L.

June 2nd 2010 16:00
A man was interviewed on FNC this morning. He was a former diplomat and an American liberal of the lowest form. He openly admitted that the whole point to the flotilla was to force Israel's hand and get a reaction. It's tantamount to someone approaching you with a club, refusing to put it down, and when you take it away from them discovering that it was made of paper. I don't blame Israel for reacting the way they did. This isn't a game, Sam Sall, Israel is fighting for it's life and the clever "jokes" and ugly threats (especially when combined with frequent attacks) are getting exactly the response they require.

Comment by sam sall

June 3rd 2010 10:38
The world has abandoned Gaza where there is a growing humanitarian crisis more than that in Darfur, the only difference is that this crisis is not heavily covered by the world media to reach people like you S.L who need to hear it in the news to believe it is happening...Israel is lucky ,even when it over reacts and kill people who are civilians came in peace ,it considered a hero.Why did they send the Israeli Air Forces and Naval Forces to kill unarmed people within these civil ships...Israeli attack occurred in the high seas.The attack continued despite the civilians in the boats waved white flags repeatedly and even they declared that they were unarmed civilians.This is just a bloody and violent criminal act.

Comment by S.L.

June 3rd 2010 13:45
Yeah, Sam Sall, I saw those white flags they were waving... Sure looked like iron bars they were waving on a downed Israeli.

The "freedom flotilla" was designed by terrorists and their supporters to make Israel look bad. In case you didn't know, both Israel and Egypt asked the ships to stop and be searched. If they were really on a humanitarian mission with nothing to hide, why didn't they stop? It would have been the smart thing to do. Why run a barricade needlessly? Their whole mission was to force Israels hand. And they knew exactly what they were doing.

Comment by sam sall

June 4th 2010 11:22
Lets eleminate the ethenicity factor from our consideration (although the people who were on this flollita were from different countries including 11 journalists from the U.S) .The flollita was a humentarian aid .The Israeli millitary raid was  in international water , the flollita  was advancing becau se they were not breaking any laws ,they made clear they were surrendering . Israel had no right to enter the ship. And  still Israel’s use of force disproportionate,seems to me a smarter approach would have been to order the flollita "protesters" to clear the decks and get below before boarding the ship that way if the protesters refused that order, the Israelis could have attempted to clear the decks first with non-lethal means (e.g., water cannons or plastic bullets).

It's really disturbing when you know that this  nuclear-armed nation  led by people shaky and impulsive realities.

Comment by S.L.

June 4th 2010 12:14
Ethnicity? How do you know they weren't asked to go below decks, Sam Sall? Did you know the first shots fired by the Israeli's were paint balls? The ships were asked to stop and be searched by both Israel and Egypt before they were boarded. How much nicer shuld they have been?

I heard one of the co-ordinators quoted yesterday. Basically, he was proud of poking Israel in the eye. The real mission was to break the blockade (the humanitarian aspect was a distant second on their priority list). Those "innocent" passengers had every intention of provoking a battle to make Israel look bad. They didn't give a rats behind about the people they pretended to help.

Comment by Tony Jingo

June 4th 2010 12:49
The participants made their intentions known prior to embarking, by chanting battle cries of invoking the killing and defeat of Jews, even if it resulted in martyrdom..this was BEFORE they set sail.

The organizers have stated they desired to break the blockade (remember Hamas & Israel are engaged in armed conflict)

should a nation be that gullible to accept the supporters of its long as those supporters dress up as "humanitarians"??

Israel and Egypt established the legal blockade in 2007. It is legal to stop the vessels..the nation does not have to wait for a flotilla to break the blockade first...

AND Israel still boarded with PAINTBALL guns first..that was their mistake..and the IDF soldiers are seriously wounded as a result.

Hopefully, Israel won't be fooled again.

Humanitarian aid...please..Israel coordinates over 15,000 tons of aid PER WEEK into the addition to providing over 70% of Gaza's electricity.

Comment by Randy Inman

June 4th 2010 22:31
Thanks for the comments everyone. BTW Tony Jingo is my buddy from AC who is a great conservative writer.

Comment by Anonymous

June 6th 2010 05:27
Imagine if the same flotilla tried to enter Iranian waters without permission. Or how about Russian waters. Chinese, North Korean, British, US, Turkish, or any other country's territorial waters, which can by international law extend to over 200 miles offshore. Is it any coincidence that the loudest mouths in this affair are also the biggest supporters of state sponsored terrorism? It is very sad that so many innocent mainstream Palestinian people are caught between Iranian and Syrian proxies Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and more, and the hard line Israeli forces which are scared to death of these groups. Israel has the same right to exist as any other nation. Israel reacted as any other nation under constant attack would in a similar situation. Want proof? Try resisting a boarding by the US Coast guard off the coast of Florida in international waters, when they think you are running drugs. You will receive one request, one warning, then a warning shot across your bow. Try pulling the same stunt as the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and you will be attacked with deadly force with only one possible outcome - your boat blown to bits by a large caliber shell, with all hands in custody of the USA or Davy Jones Locker.

By the way, where are the same fat mouths in regards to the South Korean ship sunk in international waters by a North Korean Torpedo with 46 lives lost? Where are the same fat mouths in regards to all of the homicide bombings against innocent children in Israel perpetrated by Iranian sponsored, trained, and equipped terrorists? The world applauded the Russians for their handling of Chechnian hostage takings, even when hundreds of lives on both sides were lost. When was the last time a Jew blew up an airliner full of people in an act of terrorism? Never. When was the last time a Jew attacked Iranian nationals just because they were Iranian? Never. When was the last time a Jew committed an atrocity against a German family just because their name happened to be Mengele? Never.

When the constant Iranian and Syrian backed missile attacks against Israel end. When the Iranian and Syrian created, backed, and trained proxies Such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others stop waging war against Israel. When the mainstream Palestinian people are willing to elect a government which is willing to recognize the State of Israel. When the constant state sponsored terrorism ends. When these conditions are met, that is when there will be peace in Israel and Palestine. No other country in the history of human kind has taken as much violence and bloodshed as the state of Israel without waging all out war against the perpetrators. Lets see how long Iran and Syria last if they did the same to Russia.

Comment by Randy Inman

June 6th 2010 11:52
Very good points. Many countries so loved by the liberals would have sunk the ships.

Comment by Anonymous

June 6th 2010 16:47
"The fact that Israel offered to take the relief materials into Gaza themselves after inspecting them, and it was refused shows much."

Yes..It shows that people don't trust Israel and that they wanted to make sure that the aid got delivered and that the IDF didn't rob all the best stuff.

If Israel wanted to be justified at all, they would have waited 'til the boat was in legal waters and not attack in international waters. They attacked in international waters hoping it would go less noticed.

Also, I'm fed up of people saying Israel didn't attack. Who attempted to board who's ship?? If you come to my house for a fight, you are attacking me, if I go to your house, I'm attacking you. As the ship was in International waters, that ship became their country and "home" and if Israel wanted to be justified at all, they could have either surrounded the ship, blocked the ship or escorted it 'til it hit waters where it would be legal to search it.

Israel keeps doing things like this, then other countries retaliate and then Israel uses the "ohhh , we have to protect ourselves" line... If you would stop instigating and let people live real lives and not like their prisoners, they wouldn't be attacked !!!!!!!

Comment by Randy Inman

June 6th 2010 17:44
I do agree it would have looked better to have not attacked the ships in International Waters.

Comment by sam sall

June 7th 2010 15:19
This is just a cover story about paint ball guns and people armed with knives...there were many journalist on those ships ...and soon they will report about the truth.

I also watch some of the international news and see how some people interviewed blame the victims who got killed that they brought on themselves and they deserve what they got....Although Israel is the aggressor here when they sent a trained soldiers attacking the ships from every direction international waters

Comment by Jingo's Ruminations

June 8th 2010 01:12
obviously the health & fitness speech starter health person desires not for the truth.

A convoy of ships breaking a nations legal blockade while that nation is getting bombarded by qassam rockets is obviously the aggressor.

Comment by Anonymous

June 8th 2010 01:56
To all of you bleeding heart liberals out there, you don't have to wait for the criminal to beat you to death before shooting them. You need only have a demonstrable fear for your life. There is no moral responsibility to fight an attacker with the same weapon as the attacker. A nation does not have to wait for a ship to get close to its shores to defend itself if the ship is on an attack vector or heading for its borders. The ships in question were less than 100 miles from the shores of Israel (Gaza). Some reports say that the actual location was about 40 miles from the border. A country can legally claim territorial waters out to several hundred miles for its territorial waters. The ships were the attackers(belligerents) because of their location and heading. So, there goes the liberal claim that the ships were in international waters. The Israelis also found weapons on the boats. The protestors were not exactly peaceful. Their intent was not exactly peaceful. Again, angry, bleeding heart liberal "students against" protestors who got more than they bargained for.

Lying down on train tracks does not usually stop the train. Confronting an army does not usually turn back the army. These protestors could have sent food and medical aid through proper channels. The Israelis have no desire to starve the mainstream Palestinians. The Israelis would have been happy to deliver food aid to the people in Gaza. The Israelis only want the terrorist foreign sponsored, funded, and trained proxy fighters gone. Look at how the USA treats foreign gang bangers such as MS 13. We hunt down and deport them or we arrest and jail them for their crimes. We recently invaded and destroyed two regimes for sponsoring terrorism against the USA. Is Israel any less entitled to protect itself from foreign fighters? We should have treated state sponsored terrorism as an act of war and destroyed any regime using it a long time ago. State sponsored terrorism is an act of cowardice committed by dictators and hate groups that support dictators. There is nothing wrong with destroying those who sponsor terrorism. The moral relativity which liberals like to base their views on is also non existent. Morals are more or less absolute. Stealing is always wrong and unjustifiable. So is murder. So is state sponsored terrorism.

People will believe what they want to believe and reporters will report what they want to report. The facts still support the decisions of the IDF in this case, even if those decisions are politically inconvenient. In the future, protestors should think twice about the moral correctness of their cause as well as the moral correctness of their methods of protest.

Comment by Mike Pouraryan

June 12th 2010 07:51
Very interesting discourse here...on this statement made, "...With Iran clearly gearing up to nuke Israel, they need all the friends in the world they can find...." this is a definitive you have an authoriative source on this?

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