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Waxing Political - by Randy Inman

Right Wing writer dropping pearls of wisdom all over the internet.

It is time to boycott the liberal media

April 27th 2009 21:35
I got so sick of most of mainstream media during the election that I refused to watch them. I do watch Fox News of course because it is the closest thing to unbiased media we have with the networks. It is time to boycott the networks over their biased pro liberal crap.

The liberal media built up John McCain so the Right would vote for him. They did this because McCain is close to being a liberal himself. They bragged that he walked across the aisle to work with liberals. They didnít mention that when he did, it was walking backwards and bent over.

They built McCain up then turned on him when he won the nomination. The media gave President Obama billions of dollars worth of coverage all but begging people to vote for him. The liberal media is the biggest reason why we are now a socialist nation headed down the tubes.

It is time to boycott the liberal media and not just their news coverage. I wonít watch any programming on the networks other than pro football. I make part of my living writing about football so I need to watch as much as I can. I donít watch network shows anymore other than what is on Fox.

Boycotting liberal media and their sponsors (unless they advertise on Fox as well) is the only way to get fair reporting back to America. Free speech and freedom of the press are awesome things to have. But if the press lies and is openly biased towards the left then it is worse than useless, it is harmful.

If enough conservatives boycott the liberal media and their ratings go down, then they will have to change at least some. Hitting them in the pocket book will hurt them, just like the man they got elected is hurting own pocket books.

I know I will now be called names and made fun of by some liberals out there. Well have at it and enjoy yourself. I believe in freedom of speech do you?

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Comment by Brenton

April 27th 2009 22:06
I'm boycotting Liberal reality.

Instead of leaving the house I just sit and stare at my flag all day.

It's making a big impact on my life.

Comment by Randy Inman

April 27th 2009 22:38
Probably safer for the public as well

Comment by Nevar

April 27th 2009 23:06
Fox news is to liberal for me . . .

I'm a strong proponent of personal nuclear arms and bio weapons; if you ever tried my habanero's chile you'd know what I was on about . . .

Has anybody seen the Constitution laying 'round, it was here a'fore the last election when that arab fella got 'lected.

Comment by S.L.

April 28th 2009 00:03
I watch local news for the weather reports, Randy. otherwise it's Fox 24/7. Liberal trash makes me sick!

Comment by Nevar

April 28th 2009 00:12
Wow, SL, uh Randy, ditto to this comment.

Comment by Randy Inman

April 28th 2009 00:14
I do watch the local news.

Comment by S.L.

April 28th 2009 00:19
I was just looking for a poem I wrote (and now can't find, dammitt!). It was written the day before the election. I can only remember the beginning. "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray we don't elect the creep..."

Comment by Natalina

April 28th 2009 01:41
I have become just as annoyed with MSNBC as I always have been with FOX. They are two sides of the same coin, if you ask me. I am just as sick of the liberal blow hards posing as reporters (Olbermann, Matthews) as I am with those on the right (Hannity, O'Reilly). Neither are fair or balanced.

An example is the fuss being made over FOX's decision not to air the upcoming news conference from President Obama. Did it irritate me? Sure. Do I think that there was some political ill will involved. Perhaps. Every other network is airing it, for Pete's sake.

However, liberal sites are blowing it out of proportion. Exhibit A: Headline at the Huffington Post. A bit overly dramatic???

They neglect to highlight the fact that FOX News will be airing the conference, and that according to the AP, Fox didn't carry a prime-time speech by President George W. Bush in November 2001 despite a request from the White House.

I am no apologist for FOX, don't get me wrong. I don't think anyone should turn to them for news. Entertainment? Sure. Opinion? Yeah, lots of it. However, I'll not be a hypocrite and claim that NBC is any better.

When I want real news, I'll read my local paper or watch the local news. Beyond that, everyone has an agenda, and I think the prudent thing is to boycott everyone posing as a news man or woman until they start bringing us some darn news!

Comment by Carolyn Cordon

April 28th 2009 03:52
I get all the American news I need from Jon Stewart.

Comment by RubySoho

April 28th 2009 11:26
And The Colbert Report!

Comment by Lester Caudill

April 29th 2009 19:17
Fox News Channel is the only real News Channel left, the rest are into B.O. butt kissing, and feeling tingles go up the legs, I think some even get shivers.

Comment by S.L.

April 29th 2009 21:54
Most of those shivers come from the bats in their belfries, Lester! Either that or their straight jackets are too tight.

Comment by Nevar

April 29th 2009 22:01
Glenn Beck is a breath of fresh air, he's nutty, takes pride in the matter and reports off the cuff.

Often taking his scepter to all sides of an issue . . . I believe his lunacy is a plus.

Comment by S.L.

April 29th 2009 22:12
I like him, too, Nevar. In fact, his is the only program I truly hate to miss. Unfortunately, the bleeping cable seems to pick that time to mess up. It did it again today. I'll have to get up at 1:am to watch the repeat. I'm beginning to think it's a cosmic conspiracy! (Caused by the left wing loonies, no doubt!)

Comment by Nevar

April 29th 2009 22:18

Comment by Aransan

June 30th 2011 08:22
It is time for Fox news and other reputable networks to stop airing comments from Bill Maher, John Stewar, Chris Matthews and all the other left wing sock puppets! Definitely stop interviewing these clowns! Why? Simple, if Fox didn't air their drivel, no one would hear it.
The reason these peopless shows have such low ratings is because most Americans aren't interested in what they have to say.

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