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Waxing Political - by Randy Inman

Right Wing writer dropping pearls of wisdom all over the internet.

About Me

May 12th 2009 01:16
Hi my name is Randy Inman and I have taken over the running of because the previous administrator let it go inactive. I thought I would let the readers know a little about me. I live in the foothills of North Carolina and want to be a full time freelance writer when I grow up. Which since I am 39 years old, growing up could happen any day now. Most of my writing is about sports, football in particular. However I do some political writing as well as hunting, fishing and tourist articles. I am a proud conservative though at this time not a Republican. Some may call me a moderate some may not. Here is how I feel on some of the major political issues.

Guns- I am pro gun and am a former licensed gun dealer. I believe it is my right to defend myself, my family and my property with the use of firearms. I also believe a disarmed population is in serious trouble from the powers that disarmed them.

Freedom of Speech- This is the most important freedom we have. If we are not allowed to criticize the government then the government will get more corrupt. Feel free to disagree with any post I make here, as long as there is no major profanity I wonít delete the replies.

Abortion- I am anti abortion for a use for birth control. I am sick of a country that hates water boarding terrorists but thinks nothing of murdering a baby. I do not have a problem with abortion if the motherís life is in danger or if there are severe birth defects detected.

Big Government/Socialism I am against the Socialist movement in the United States. This form of government does not work. It is just a way for the higher ups in the Left to get rich off other peopleís work. It is usually implemented and removed by force of arms. Only in America are we dumb enough to vote in communists.

Religion- I am agnostic with slight Christian leanings, just not sure what I believe in. I have no problem with any religion or the people practicing it. I donít think every Muslim is a terrorist and I do not think President Obama is a Muslim. I think he is an Atheist who only worships power and ways to get our money from the American People.

Crime- I am for strong penalties for criminals, if prisons are overcrowded then build more of them. I am for the death penalty in cases of murder but am not as strong on that as I used to be.

Gay Marriage- I tend to be for Gay Marriage on the grounds that what other people do is none of my business. But I do see the argument that this is another Liberal plan to attack the morals of our country.

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17 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Tommie Sandlin

May 12th 2009 02:07
Congrats for getting your new domain! I was just approved for mine, drop by sometimes. It's nice to meet you and I wish you all the luck with your domain!

Comment by Randy Inman

May 12th 2009 02:12
Thanks I have another one here for football but this is the first on for this subject.

Comment by S.L.

May 12th 2009 02:13
HI Randy! Welcome back!! As someone who was born with some pretty impressive birth defects, I must disagree on your abortion position. But otherwise, we're side by side on the issues. It'll be great to have you back on Orble!

Comment by Randy Inman

May 12th 2009 02:17
Well I probably should have put more thought into that comment.

Comment by S.L.

May 12th 2009 02:31
It doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you, my friend. I came within minutes of being killed, but I'm really glad I lived. I seem to have a very big mouth an a lot to offer. We all have imperfections and none of them should be death penalty material. But on everything else we agree, so come on Randy kick some liberal tail!!

Comment by Lester Caudill

May 12th 2009 11:01
Welcome Randy, I wish you well, and am looking forward to reading your work.

Comment by Anonymous

May 12th 2009 21:25
same I hope you do well I just got mine
P.S. I write politics too, guess we're friendly competition

Comment by The Nameless One

May 12th 2009 21:34
god i always forget to type in my orble tag well that last comment was me. I am not way liberal and definitely not a socialist. I am a Democrat and not too conservative either.
You could say I am am very opinionated and support conservatives and liberals on different issues. I am a total Atheist at the moment and I say at the moment because I am open to proof from people who are religious. Good Luck and hope you can drop by my blog, Muse Politics,

Comment by D. Armenta

May 12th 2009 22:55
Hello Randy, congrats on the new blog! To be dead honest, you probably won't see me here much but I wanted to wish you I remember, we were both at Ass Content for awhile, way back when.

My views are 180 degrees from yours in some areas (I always vote for Nader and always will..and we're still winning, little by little)--BUT--

I support free speech. Long live the Constitution of the United States. I'll drop in to debate once in awhile with you and S.L., hahaha!!

Comment by Tommie Sandlin

May 12th 2009 23:01
I am also a writer for AC! Or I was. I am waiting until the glitches are ironed out before I write anything else for them.

Comment by D. Armenta

May 12th 2009 23:04
P.S.--Just wanted to tip the hat to you and S.L.; we've all had our dust-ups but I never gave either of you props for not holding grudges.

I never do either; I thought all adults knew that debates get heated and ugly sometimes, but one doesn't hold a grudge, for Pete's sake.

Apparently I was wrong..we're in the minority of adults.

Comment by Randy Inman

May 12th 2009 23:57
I don't hold a grudge either but I did get on my own nerves during the election lol.

Comment by Randy Inman

May 13th 2009 00:02
And I thought I saw some AC faces in the crowd here. Getting paid for the page views now makes AC much more attractive to me these days.

Comment by S.L.

May 13th 2009 00:16
Grudges are a waste of time, D. And as for Associated Content, that's another waste of time. They got too picky and rude for me and fired me for not celebrating Tiffany. They didn't pay very well, either. You never know, there may be something, sometime, we can all agree on... could happen...

Comment by Tommie Sandlin

May 13th 2009 02:31
Yea, but the article indexing problem with Google is cutting the PV's way down!

Comment by D. Armenta

May 13th 2009 02:48
We actually did twice, S.L.! Once about the outcome of those idiots at the zoo harassing tigers, plus we were both against the first bailout...groan..fat lot of good that did. I don't know one citizen that was for it, yet we're still forking it over.

Ass content, oh yeah. I left them on principal, then came here at Ranter's (R.I.P., buddy) suggestion.

Don't know if you guys were all there, but in 2006 a guy who'd been writing real news parodies for AC for over a year wrote up a parody about a school in Maine expelling some students for putting a ham steak in front of a Muslim student (it really all of his previous parodies, the guy threw in some hilarious quotes and remarks about a "Ham task force").
Fox and Friends picked it up and actually ran a show quoting from the guy's article as news. The article generated something like $2000. in page hits. Then Fox threatened AC because they'd put the article under "News", AC passed the buck, fired the guy, and kept the page hit money to boot.

So I quit.

Comment by S.L.

May 13th 2009 11:00
Don't blame you, D. AC makes a fortune off people, and treats them like dirt.

I came here because of Ranter, too. In fact his Mrs. just sent me a Canadian flag that now flies proudly under my American flag.

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