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Waxing Political - by Randy Inman

Right Wing writer dropping pearls of wisdom all over the internet.

The Democrats are bad for minorities

July 19th 2009 12:53
Democrats are supposed to be the party for minorities; after all they just elected the first African American President. Of course we can no more mention that Barack Obama is half white than we can make fun of his middle name. Well no wait Hussein is cool to say now that he is elected, I forgot. But I digress; this article explains why the Democratic Party is NOT good for minorities.

The Democrats talk a good game to minorities about how the Liberals help them and the Republicans are a bunch of racists. You can see here how the Democrats have demeaned the word racism with their politicizing of it.

In truth the Democratic Party is not good for minorities because the party keeps them down. The fact is the Democrats want minorities to depend on the liberals for handouts. They want as many minorities on welfare as they can get.

Now bear with me and I will explain that point. The more people depending on the Democrats for welfare and other programs, the more votes the liberals get in elections. Getting people to settle for government money rather than working for it keeps them down.

People who work and have pride in things they have earned tend to be conservatives. Democrats give hand outs, Republicans give a hand up. The more minorities that work and have pride in their selves, the worse the Democrats have it on Election Day. I must point out that I am NOT a Republican but they tend to feel as I do on most issues. They just sell out too easily to the liberals.

The worst thing in the world to a Democrat is a minority person who works and is proud of what he or she has achieved for their family. Because they will then want to keep what they earned and not give it away with liberal wealth redistribution.

The democrats in one more display of demeaning racism are on the Republicans case about Sotomayer. Of course itís ok that she is a racist Hispanic trying to get on the Supreme Court. They also forget to mention that Democrats blocked Miguel Estrada from the same job when he was nominated by Bush. Read here to see why they blocked Miguel Estrada for racial reasons.

It is also fine that powerful Democrat Senator Robert Byrd is a former Klansman who probably only left the group to help his political career. Sadly Byrd was born only about 30 miles from where I live, but at least he grew up in another state. History even shows that the Republican Party (such as Abraham Lincoln) was against the pro slavery Democratic Party. Ronald Reagan was the Republican President who made Martin Luther King day an official holiday.

So party of liars keeps telling minorities that the Republicans hate them but it is really the other way around.

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Who are the real bigots in America?

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11 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by S.L.

July 19th 2009 15:56
You're exactly right, Randy! Republicans want to teach people to catch the fish and Democrats want to chew the fish for them. And still the buggers get elected... sickening, isn't it?

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 28th 2009 14:13
Getting people to settle for government money rather than working for it keeps them down.

People who work and have pride in things they have earned tend to be conservatives. Democrats give hand outs, Republicans give a hand up.

i think you are assuming that everyone on welfare has made a choice to be there, some people have mental and.or physical disabilities which make them unfit for mainstream work, some people are carers for children or partners or the elderly, some people need to study to get to the job that will pay them adequately in future

i dont know a single able-bodied (including the mind), commitment-free person who chooses a welfare payment rather than working . . . i think that is just a stereotype, and a fairly insensitive one

Comment by S.L.

July 28th 2009 15:59
Apparently you don't know a lot of people on welfare, Morgan. I know several who just like to sit around and do nothing. Many of them are second and third generation welfare recipients. They didn't graduate from high school (some never attended school), they started dealing drugs at an early age, and when they're not in jail you can find them on welfare.

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 28th 2009 17:04
are these actually people you know, or did Bill O'Reilly tell you about them?

Comment by S.L.

July 28th 2009 17:10
Very funny Morgan. Some of these people lived down the street from my mother. My niece married into one of the permanent welfare families (didn't last long). One is a former foster child of mine. And another one was my daughter's best friend for several years. And two of them are relatives. Like I said, you obviously don't know many welfare recipients. Perhaps you should get out more...

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 28th 2009 17:50
most people i know have been on welfare at one time or another, i am not rich like you S.L., looking down on the lower classes, im from a poor neighbourhood

even in your examples you show a complete lack of knowledge and sensitivity towards people from disadvantaged backgrounds

i didnt realise school was now non-compulsory in the USA?

obviously someone with no education, a criminal record, and possibly a substance abuse problem, is going to find it extremely difficult to find suitable work from a willing employer

you dont just throw someone in the trash and let them starve because they had a few hard knocks in life, you help them get training and assistance and support them when they are down and out

you say you "know" all these people, but they sound more like tall tales, people you have never actually conversed with or taken the time to understand

also, i saw you on Justica's post outlining some chronic health problems you have

I got a sinus congestion in Oct. of 1994! It never left. I wasted some time with a couple of doctors and wound up almost totally deaf and with no sense of smell. I have to spit and blow my nose constantly because of the drainage. Unfortunately, during the night it runs down my throat and most mornings find me with a garbage can in my lap, barfing.

it sounds like the private health care system in the USA has not been of much benefit to you?

you know one of the times i was on welfare here in Australia it was because of chronic sinusitis, i had a persistent infection and fever due to the sinuses not draining properly, i was on antibiotics for months, i was very ill and eventually unable to work . . . 3 months later i was in getting sinus/nose surgery by a specialist for just $1400

maybe the USA should look at improving the affordability of health-care if they want to get people back to work? or invest in sex education and free contraception to reduce teen pregnancy? its got to be better than just heartlessly removing the safety net

Comment by S.L.

July 28th 2009 19:12
Morgan, why do I waste time discussing anything with you? You'd think I would have learned by now that it's a lost cause. What do you want? The names and addresses of all the people I mentioned? Maybe their phone numbers so you can call them yourself and ask for all their personal details?

Ketcherside is the name of the multi-generation welfare family that my niece Kelli married into. Roxanne Simpkins preferred welfare to having a job. Saebra (don't know what her last name is these days) was my daughter's best friend. My sisters Connie, Casey and Donna are permanent welfare recipients. When their daughters grew up, they made sure the welfare continued by getting custody of their grandchildren.

Bill O'Reilly had nothing to do with the people I know. And as for me being "rich", you don't understand anything, clearly. Everything I have is tied up in this ranch and my livestock.

The medical system here is the one that people from all over the world flock to. My medical problems not only are none of your business, I have to deal with them every day. Socialized medicine wouldn't have cured me, either. My problem is chronic and systemic. Maybe you should keep your mouth shut when you don't have a clue.

Comment by Randy Inman

July 28th 2009 21:53
I know plenty of people who would rather draw a big fat government check than work, and they are poor white trash.

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 29th 2009 06:33
hi S.L.

Maybe you should keep your mouth shut when you don't have a clue.

maybe you should take your own advice . . .

Apparently you don't know a lot of people on welfare, Morgan.

Like I said, you obviously don't know many welfare recipients. Perhaps you should get out more...

you might want to read that passage in your bible again about treating people how you would like to be treated, in biology it is called tit for tat

if you dont like speculative statements being made about you then dont make them about other people

there is also a huge difference between knowing someones name and knowing the finer details of their personal circumstances, you dont know if those people are suffering from mental illness, or illiteracy, or addiction, you have no right to judge them and belittle their situation

hi Randy,

big fat government check

how much is the payment in your state?

and how much is the average weekly rent in your area?

now tell me again how welfare recipients are living large and in a better position than able workers?

what person of sound mind with every option available to them would choose to live on less than $100 per week?

Comment by Randy Inman

July 29th 2009 23:01
I don't know what the average payment is here as I have not been on it myself. The last time I paid rent was around $500 a month for a 2 bedroom apt. This was 6 ot 7 years ago though.

Comment by Anonymous

August 24th 2009 00:27
I am an American Farm girl who at age 10 witnessed the end of the local family farm's for the common goodof public education . Tell me lies Tell me sweet little lies! Who do you believe! Dem's or Reb's! All for the common good of Public Education Big Bussiness! Spare me the Lies ! Tax and spend! Take! More Lies! Thank you Woodrow Wilson for The Federal Reserve Bank and the Jim Crow Laws! Thank you Ted Roosevelt as well! Get back to the Constitution! More Lies from the big boys in corporate America!

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