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Mom shoots dog for attacking child

May 27th 2010 23:28
Recently I saw on Inside Edition that a woman had shot a dog after it attacked her 6 year old daughter in California. The report said that some people were complaining that the dog a boxer was shot. The dog was shot by a 9mm pistol but survived the shooting, unfortunately. Check the Inside Edition website here for the story and also another report of the dog attack here.

I have been attacked by a large dog on two separate occasions as a FedEx driver. I know how scary and painful it is for me a large adult male. I canít comprehend how scary it was for a 6 year old girl being attacked by a large dog. I also know I would react the same way the mom did when she shot the dog for attacking her daughter. Click here to see my advice on dealing with an aggressive dog.

I am not a dog lover, being chased, scratched and bitten for 3 years kind of soured me on dogs. We do have a dog and keep him on a leash or chain at all times. I would have my dog put to sleep if he showed unprovoked aggressive behavior to people, much less attack a child.

I can attest that boxers are among the most high strung dogs out there. I have had them bite the tires on my van and charge me more than a few times. I hate that about them as they ARE one of my favorite breeds of dogs but they scare me more than most breeds of dogs.

Animal lovers may really be offended that a mother would dare shoot a dog to protect her child. Well guess what people; humans are more important than dogs especially a child. I believe the dog in question was a wild or stray dog that attacked the little girl. If you really love animals then help get out the word about how important it is to spay or neuter so there wonít be as many animals out there needed a home and running wild.

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Comment by S.L.

May 28th 2010 01:21
I'm a dog lover, Randy. When my kids were young, I made a point of teaching them to avoid dogs they didn't know. My oldest daughter didn't listen and stuck her finger into a cage containing a nursing mama dog. She learned at 6 years old what a bad idea it was. My son was badly bitten when he was 3 (I wasn't there at the time) and he remained terrified of animals until he made friends with a timber wolf (seriously. No joke!) My youngest daughter paid attention and has never been bitten.

My point is that it depends on the child and the dog. A vicious stray is one thing, a mother with pups is another. From the sound of the story, I don't blame the mother for shooting the dog. I am curious as to how the mother happened to have a gun handy...

Comment by Randy Inman

May 28th 2010 23:22
The attack happend at her home in the front yard, she had a gun in the house.

Comment by S.L.

May 28th 2010 23:32
Good thing she did! I'd hate to think how the story might have read if she'd been into gun control!

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