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Waxing Political - by Randy Inman

Right Wing writer dropping pearls of wisdom all over the internet.

What You Can Do Now

May 30th 2009 08:46
First, just a quick self-intro: I'm a Navy wife, mom of a Marine, sister of a highly decorated Afghanistan War army vet, and daughter of a Vietnam vet. I have four children with another on the way, and I write for a living. And I'm mad as hell that the sacrifices my family made are being used to put my children deeper in debt than any citizens of any country have ever been in history.

But I haven't given up. We don't have to wait two more years to get our chance again -- in fact, we can't afford to. In August, the first steps toward nationalized health will be initiated, and it will be a swift downhill slope from there. When my aunt asked me a while back what we could do to stop our rapid descent into and past socialism, I brainstormed a bit and came up with this list, which I also posted at Please, any readers with other ideas for positive things we can do to take back our country's fate -- please post them in the comments. We need every brain we can get.

The first thing to do something the liberals seem unable and/or unwilling to do is to recognize that Change Happens.
. . . .

We cannot control the weather, the behavior of other people, or the revolution of the Earth. We need to embrace that fact, follow the serenity prayer: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

The second thing to do is to start making a difference at the level of one person and one family. You can't control Obama or Pelosi or the government. You can, however, control yourself, and probably your family, maybe even your friends. Start there.

1. Vote. Vote every time. Vote in every election, no matter how minor. Vote, vote, vote.

2. Know who you are voting for, personally if possible.

3. Research every candidate online. Look for people who say nice things and people who say nasty things about them, and then make a decision based on what seems to be the truth.

4. Find out who in your circle of friends does not vote, and then find out why. Don't be afraid of proselytizing, especially when they complain about their 401K going down, how hard it is to find a good man, or how expensive things are getting. Politics influences everything in our lives, through regulation of the stock market (the 401K), forcing people to take responsibility for their own lives and sex drives (finding a good man), and government-caused inflation. Educate your friends gently on how their vote or nonvote impacts their lives.

5. When you vote, try to drive someone to the polling booth with you who would otherwise not go. Take the day off if you must. Can't find someone to take? Call local churches and see if there are shut-ins who would appreciate a ride and a little company. It's just one day, but it will determine government for the next two, four, or six years.

6. Give money to your candidate, even if you can only afford $10. If you can't give money, call their campaign office and ask if there's anything you can do to help. Even yard signs are something.

7. Refuse to feel guilty. Guilt for slavery, for pollution, for making too much money, for imprisoning people that blow us up is the driving force behind modern liberalism. Slavery reparations, carbon offsets, welfare, and closing Gitmo are all ways that liberals try to make themselves feel better about the "evils" America has been involved in. Screw that. Let's just start right here, where the ball is, and work forward instead of backward, doing good when we can and waging war where we must. Guilt is an emotion that works okay in religion and therapy, but not so well when you're trying to run a country. Let's stop with the apologies, the taxing of Evil Rich Guys, the rush to cool down the supposedly feverish planet. Every conservative should, right now, swear to not feel guilty, to be guilted into anything, or to even react (beyond an eye-roll) when they are called racist, Nazis, or most laughably, antisemitic. Or mean. Or selfish. Or insensitive. These are the hobgoblins of small liberal minds, not conservatives.

8. Be patient. A tidal wave far out to sea looks like any other ocean swell, but as it gets closer to shore, it begins to change, the deep power beneath rising to rush over the land. In just the same way, your small contributions, and those of everyone else, can create a tidal wave and change America from the bottom up.

9. Talk to your children. You may not know it, but they are being indoctrinated at school, even if their teachers don't mean to. Talk politics around the dinner table -- and make sure there IS an "around the dinner table." Go to patriotic and historic sites and events: the Alamo, 4th of July celebrations, history and military museums. Make sure your children's ethics and beliefs are being shaped by you, not by the educational system, and start as soon as they can talk.

10. Steal liberal tricks shamelessly. Liberals have learned how to use "community organizing" to advance their causes, how to turn small donations into large campaign funds, how to leverage the internet and new technology to advance their cause. Republicans need to do the same thing, and better.

11. Identify our best thinkers and read them, every single week. Thomas Sowell, Charles Krauthammer, and Michael Steele; Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin; Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs) and Newt Gingrich. Read and Pajamas Media. Listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, and Glen Beck. (And if you see the Fairness Doctrine starting to rear its head, be aware that it will affect you, and fight it like an Iwo Jima Marine!)

12. Know what liberals are saying, too. They can be cesspools, but reading DailyKos and the Democratic Underground will show you just how nutty the other side really is -- and the lies they are telling about you. (Many of them actually believe -- BELIEVE -- Bush blew up the World Trade Center, and Sarah Palin's daughter, not Sarah, gave birth to little Trig!)

13. The next time you see him or her thank a soldier, a Marine, a police officer. Especially our police officers; they don't hear thanks often enough.

14. Call your senators and representatives to thank them for voting right. They don't hear gratitude enough, either and one word of gratitude can offset ten complaints. A letter of thanks with a check enclosed is even better. Be specific.

It's not the most elegant list in the world, but it is heartfelt. I am also certain it is not a complete list. Keeping things positive, what else can we do?
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6 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Randy Inman

May 30th 2009 09:13
Nice work, I am on may way out or would post more, will do so later.

Comment by S.L.

May 30th 2009 09:33
Nicely done! Welcome aboard!! The list is worth posting on every refrigerator in the country.

Comment by Lester Caudill

May 30th 2009 17:05
Welcome, nice post.

Comment by Brenton

May 31st 2009 05:02
I'm probably classified as one of those nutty libeals, but this list is FANTASTIC, for anyone interested in making policical differece. Though I baulk at Anne Couleter listed as one of the great thinkers (though perhaps her books are better than her interviews.)

Comment by Someone

May 31st 2009 07:14
Refuse to feel guilty.... for pollution

I assume you haven't been to a big, polluted city? I mean Beijing, Jakarta, mega-cities like that. If people took a little more responsibility, felt a little more guilt, maybe those cities wouldn't have toxic air and polluted waterways.

Comment by Brenton

May 31st 2009 07:26
But legitimately, feeling guilty for everytihng is a bit of a problem... if you actr like an idiot,sure, you need to feel bad about it, and if you contribute to the major problems of the world.... but I did like this point (the short one anyway, minus the list

IT seems like sometimes its the people who feel the most guilty who push stuff back. Like you wouldn't have found a lot of the pro Apology Aussies feeling personally bad about what happened to the Aboriginals. But i suspect a lot of the anti-apology mob were worried it would prove there was a mistreatment, and then they couldn't handle the guilt of admitting the past, instead of accepting, aknowledging and moving on.

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